• December Monthly Meeting – Micro-Talks and Pot Luck


    Like GDC micro-talks, but with food.

    This month, we’re keeping the meeting fairly casual and asking that YOU submit topics that you’d be interested in discussing for (at most) 7 minutes. Want to tell us about a new feature you’ve discovered? Want to complain about the fall of games through micro-transactions? Want to get excited about Steam Greenlight?

    RJD has built an amazing community, and we want to hear from you. Please bring some food so we can all eat together while listening to some pretty awesome talks.

    Do you have a talk? Please submit it to amanda@supersoul.co

    Find more up to date information on the Facebook event page.

    The talks that are going to take place at this meeting are as follows:

    Here are the talks that are happening tomorrow at the December monthly meeting.

    I Hate Children – Shylo Shepherd
    Making Game Stories About the Player – Kevin Overall
    Writing and Video Games – Amanda Hudgins
    How to Tell the Truth and Not Kill a Dream in Game Dev – Leonard Wedderburn
    the Underutilized Space at the Kre8Now Makerspace – Tom Birge
    Out of Control: the sad state of gamepad support in game dev frameworks – mildmojo
    Cooking with GameMaker – Matt Hudgins

    Also, a reminder. please sign up for the pot luck if you haven’t already.

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