• Developer Gun Presents Friday the 13th Kickstarter

    Gun, a development studio based out of Kentucky, has just announced their Kickstarter for their Friday the 13th video game.

    The studio had previously announced that they were working on a game tentatively titled “Summer Camp,” a game that used as reference the classic slasher films of the 70’s-80’s. Today they announced that they’d partnered with the classic property¬†Friday the 13th¬†to create an assymetrical competitive game where one person plays as Jason and seven others play as camp counselors on the run and fighting for survival.

    Gun has partnered with several legends from the field of horror, including Tom Savini, Sean Cunningham and Kane Hodder — the original Jason from the franchise. Additionally they’ve promised to bring all the gore and sexuality that made the original films the perfect summer drive-in movie experience.

    The Kickstarter has a current goal of $700,000 with a few unannounced stretch goals, and currently has a starting “early bird” price of $25 — which is the first tier that will give you access to the game. Someone has already bought into the ultimate Kickstarter pledge of $10,000 — where Kickstarter backers can become summer camp counselors.

    Are you ready to return to Crystal Lake? Check out the Kickstarter here.


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