• EKU to host John Murphy from Young Horses

    The EKU Gaming Institute is pleased to announce that they will be hosting a talk with John Murphy of Young Horses (perhaps most famous for the game Octodad).  The talk will take place at March 3 at 7PM on the EKU campus. Tickets are currently available and are free and available to the public.

    A bit more about John:

    John Murphy is a co-founder of Young Horses, the Chicago studio behind Octodad: Dadliest Catch. John was executive producer on Octodad, a 2011 Independent Games Festival Student Showcase Winner, and was a designer on Dadliest Catch. During the three years of development on Dadliest Catch, John had a day job collaborating with teachers to design games for learning at ChicagoQuest, a school built around a game-like learning model. He is also an organizer of Bit Bash, Chicago’s alternative games festival. John is currently working on Young Horses’ unannounced follow-up to Octodad, and learning as much as he can about how to build a creative, sustainable company culture.

    You can purchase a ticket to this lecture at the EKU Eventbrite page.

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