• Global Game Jam 2014 Games

    This years Global Game Jam 2014 had the theme “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”  Several game developers gathered together at BCTC’s Newtown Campus to work on their games, as well as to showcase those games.

    Special thanks to BCTC, Commerce Lexington, and Kentucky Innovation Network.

    All the games made at the RunJumpDev Global Game Jam Site are listed below, and you can vote for your favorites here.

    Snowman Catastrophe (Bill Adams)

    Help the snowman get to the bottom of the mountain. The snowman will look at potential obstacles with varying degrees of panic. Use your mouse to steer his decisions.

    You can play the game at the Global Game Jam Site.

    Color Ways (Jarrett Burns)

    The world moves with you as you make your way through the colored spheres and blocks. A relaxing puzzle game.

    You can play the game here.Get a Clue: Library

    Get a Clue (Shylo Shepherd, Ben Gold, Tim, Amanda Wallace)

    You’ve found yourself in a home where something horrible has happened. It’s up to you to find the crime that has been committed, and figure out your place in the story. A game that combines Twine, gamepads, networked remote controls, and Unity 3D.

    You can play the game here.

    Pink Elephant (Richie Hoagland, Shea, Leonard Wedderburn)

    Pink Elephant is an experiment in how player assumptions about games can be used to build a specific experience for the player. Pink elephant hides information such as how decisions will affect the game and when a player decision is being made. Due to time restraints there are only a few decisions that affect the game and these are not balanced throughout the play through. We would like to investigate how to build this decision system out further.

    You can play the game here.

    Changing Perspective (Devin Spencer)

    Can you deduce what you are based on how you perceive the world around you?

    You can play the game here.

    Spectronaut (John Meister, Al Baker, Julian Sterling)

    Spectronaut is a puzzle platformer where the world changes based on your colored goggles.

    You can find the game at the Global Game jam website.

    Super (Matt Hudgins)

    You can play the game here.

    Again, vote for your favorites here.

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