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    This blog post is posted as a part of the Hurdles series of work and tell game development. To find out more about Hurdles, please check out our handy FAQ. This blog post was provided by Matt Hudgins of OnlySlightly games for his work on the project Home Sweet Home.

    Home Sweet Home is an FMV game if they made FMV games in the 1950s. It’s a game that incorporates television footage from the 1950s. I spent my 4 week hurdle developing a new input system for the game, setting up a system for overlapping videos and developing components for new scenes and puzzles for the game. I spent time collecting footage and photographs to produce a factory like environment and populated it clips the player can interact with. Photos of pipes and conveyor belts were cut into pieces in photoshop and footage of people’s heads and workers performing various motions were cut together, masked and composited in after effects. The layers were placed behind a green background. In Unity everything was composited together by layering the videos on top of each other and keying out the background.


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  1. Loved this idea and good job with what you accomplished in your 4 weeks. I hope to hear more about this title in the future!

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