• Hurdles Blog Post – Super Capacitor

    This blog post is posted as a part of the Hurdles series of work and tell game development. To find out more about Hurdles, please check out our handy FAQ. This blog post was provided by Vince Mattingly for his work on Super Capacitor. 

    My project super capacitor involved creating and developing a networked multiplayer first person shooter. While I went into hurdles with a rather basic setup I left hurdles with an extremely strong foundation to expound upon.  Originally I had one weapon which had infinite ammo, and one screen for both connecting and playing. Players could connect to eachother, die (sort of) and pick up weapons (sort of). By the end I’ve created systems which allow you to change between weapons, pick up new different weapons (now two, but easily more), have limited ammo / magazine size, reload, launch projectiles that explode, rocket jump, pick up health, armor and ammo, respawn as expected, show spectator camera on death, show health and ammo counters, and play with a gamepad. Of course, all working as expected over a network even with heavy ping. From here I look forward to bringing the project into fruition by developing more weapons, and some “simple” AI creatures to fight against in the campaign mode.

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  1. Thanks for hanging out with us and good job with making such strides in only 4 weeks; keep at it!

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