• Hurdles Round 2

    This week, our second set of Hurdlers will show off their first set of goals! I’m proud to present our new Hurdlers and their projects. Don’t forget to come check out how our Hurdlers are doing on their first goals on Tuesday (7/5)!

    Christopher Royse – Legend of Saviors

    Re-imagining a project Christopher started over 20 years ago, within the past year he has gone back to the original source material to begin what is presently named the “Legends of Saviors” (name pending) series, which will be 5 gaming titles and 1 board game.  As for the first few games to be released, he plans to create a fighting game akin to titles like Power Stone and Marvel vs Capcom, a VR game that will simulate the process of a reincarnated Buntaien soul (a series of “cosmic angels”) on its journey to find its new host, and the first Action/Adventure RPG of a planned trilogy – that will take aspects, characters, environments, mechanics, etc. from the previously mentioned games and expand upon them 10-fold.  As for the board game mentioned, he is currently working on the second version of a prototype and the content will correspond with the other titles in the series of games, especially the fighting game, currently entitled “LoS: Buntaien Brawlers.”

    First goal: Complete art for the fourth playable planet, “Jagg,” including diagrams and history of the planet.

    Optional second goal: Start on first phase of the 5th playable planet, “Signa,” or create and finalze a second version of the pen-and-paper prototype for the core fighting mechanics of the fighting title in the series.

    Stephen Smith – El Lobo Lives

    Stephen is working on an interactive experience in which the player takes the role of a fox in a forest.

    First goal: Animate the fox model and import that functionally into Unity.

    Super Soul – Lexitron Runner

    Super Soul is creating a new game as part of the Lexitron Kickstarter rewards featuring various backers, their logos, and the parts of Lexington in a challenging 2D infinite runner. Players will run through familiar parts of Lexington gathering coins to extend their time, trying to run for as long as possible.

    First goal: First run art mock-up.

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