• Indie Game Night 1-19-15

    Monday nights, 6PM, at Awesome Inc., we meet up to expose ourselves to indie games. C’mon out and look at how small game designers are pushing the medium, or bring something we can play!

    This week we played Drift StageLisa, and Proton Pulse. 

    Drift Stage


    Drift Stage is an 80’s inspired drifting game. currently in Alpha on Kickstarter. The game currently only features one mode — beat your personal best. What it lacks in multiple modes (which are coming through the already fully backed Kickstarter) it makes up in excessive polish.

    The game is reminiscent of trapper keepers, arcade machines in the front rooms of movie theaters  and old car folders, a well populated world of buildings and the ghosts of your past best times. You can find out more about Drift Stage at their website, including picking up their early Alpha version.




    The game is an old school RPG that brings back a lot of nostalgia for a game that was on Super Nintendo, it’s an interesting combination of depressing and hilarious (for both the intentional and the unintentional, such as Game Over-ing by walking off a cliff for a bag of jerky).

    Lisa, the pain RPG is available on Steam.

    Proton Pulse


    Proton Pulse is a Google Cardboard title that is basically 3D Breakout. It’s an interesting usage of the hardware, and is just fun.

    You can pick it up on the Google Play store.

    Bring your favorite game out every Monday at 6PM at Awesome Inc.


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