• Indie Game Night 1-6-14

    Monday nights, 6PM, at Awesome Inc., we meet up to expose ourselves to indie games. C’mon out and look at how small game designers are pushing the medium, or bring something we can play!

    Tonight we played Mari0


    A combination of two-genre defining games Portal and Mario, Mari0. A challenging (also known as “hey kids, did you want Super Mario Brothers to be way more difficult”) game, Mari0 is a retro platformer with interesting possibilities for customization. We did do the Konami style cheat code to be able to get infinite lives, because four people playing simultaneously with limited lives was a recipe for early death.

    You can play it on the Stab Yourself website.


    A Ludum Dare competition entry from the previous Jam. Made in 72 hours, the game was made under the prompt “10 seconds” and is about passage of time — in this world 10 seconds takes 10 minutes. There are slowed down particle effects, a large world you couldn’t possibly hope to explore in one sitting, and an impending disaster.

    The game is quiet and meditative and uses several ways to showcase the time dilation at play.

    The Ludum Dare post-mortem can be seen here, and the playable game is available on the Random Seed Games page.

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