• Indie Game Night 3/30/15

    Monday nights, 6PM, at Awesome Inc., we meet up to expose ourselves to indie games. C’mon out and look at how small game designers are pushing the medium, or bring something we can play!

    This week we played Real Office Simulator 2015, TetrongBlorf Pong, PPONG, Mark Ellis Train Inspector, & Paca Pong.

    Realistic Office Simulator 2015

    Most easily referred to as “nightmare inducing” and “basically having nothing to do with Pong” is this addition to the Ludum Dare mini-jam (whose theme was Pong). You can play the whole unique experience on the Ludum Dare page.



    A two player combination of classic games Tetris, Pong, and occasionally Breakout. The game is also an entry in the Ludum Dare Mini-Jam, pong theme. You can play it on the website here.

    Blorf Pong 

    Nauseating and physically comfortable, this game is designed to be the “most unplayable” version of Pong ever. Also made for the Ludum Dare Pong jam. You can check it out here.


    PPONGMade by RunJumpDev’s own OnlySlightly, PPONG is an addition to the Ludum Dare Pong jam. This is a version of Pong that has opened up the left and right movement, as well as commentator and customization options. The game is available to play on itch.io.

    Mark Ellis Train Inspector 


    Ready for an existential crisis about trains? Play this Train Jam entry from Rami Ismail and Adriaan de Jongh entitled Mark Ellis Train Inspector. Will the train get across? Will you ever learn just who is Mark Ellis? Who knows. You can download the entry from the Android Play store and the website.

    Paca Pong 


    This game (Paca Pong) is like those big packs of retro arcade classics all bundled together with a controller, except someone lost the controller and all the games became one game. Play Pong, Pac Man, Space Invaders and Donkey Kong. All at once.

    You can play this retro combination game on the itchio site.


    Do you have an indie game you’d like to show off? We meet every Monday at 6:30PM at Awesome Inc, in the back!

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