• Indie Game Night 9-15-14

    Monday nights, 6PM, at Awesome Inc., we meet up to expose ourselves to indie games. C’mon out and look at how small game designers are pushing the medium, or bring something we can play!

    This week we played Dynablaster Revenge, Desert Golfing, Shrimp ‘N Ducks, & Bang Bang Bang.

    Dynablaster Revenge


    Coming out of the Demoscene, Dynablaster Revenger is a downloadable tribute to the Hudsonsoft classic Bomberman.  It incorporates several elements of the classic Bomberman franchise.

    The game is nice and polished with net-play, and is a good solid Bomberman clone with the potential for ten possible players. The only complaint might be that it needs more Bomberman. The game is currently playable off of this website. 

    Desert Golfing

    Desert Golfing is a strange creation from the folks behind No Brakes Valet. It’s simple, quiet, and very well polished. In it, you play golf in a lonely desert. Holes are of varying difficulty and interest.

    The game is playable on Android and iOS tablets.

    Shrimp N Ducks

    Shrimp'n ducks

    A stylish, if unpolished game, it needs gamepad support and perhaps a little fine tuning on the controls. What it lacks in control it makes up for in it’s Hungry Hungry Hippos aesthetic.

    The game is pay what you want on Itchio.

    Bang Bang Bang

    Bang Bang Bang is a game by Sophie Holden for PC and OUYA. Similar to Bomberman only in the sense that we played both on the same day, Bang Bang Bang is a highly polished couch PVP game of high stakes cowboy murder. You have a variety of characters to play, a limited type of attacks, and a quick shot towards murder.

    Gameplay is dynamic, altering depending on how many players are in the ring. Two players and the game is faster and more brutal. More players ups the duration as you more carefully maneuver to survive.

    The game is fun, fast, frantic, and once you get it, it’s satisfying to win. The game is purchasable on Itchio.

    Do you love indie games? Be sure to bring your favorite next Monday at 6PM at Awesome Inc.

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