Kre8Now Makerspace

RunJumpDev now has a workshop space as a member of the Kre8Now MakerSpace. This space is currently the home of the Lexitron arcade cabinet, as well as being the location for physical hardware installation construction. Kre8Now also hosts regular game nights every third Thursday. 

What is the RunJumpDev Workshop?

The RunJumpDev Workshop is a gaming community focused workshop hosted on the Kre8Now floor. We use this as a space to work on the hardware installations that have featured in several previous community projects.

This is also the home of the Lexitron, the community arcade machine.


Game Night

Every third Thursday of the month, Kre8Now hosts a free game night event. This event is offered at the Kre8Now Makerspace (please check the Kre8Now Calendar for more specifics on dates). Previous game nights have featured Rocket League tournaments, board games, and a large variety of other video games and communities.


What is Kre8Now?


From the Kre8Now Makerspace website, with the most up to the date information:

Kre8Now Makerspace is a place where anyone with an idea and the desire to learn can get hands-on skills with a variety of amazing tools that you wish you had in your own home, garage or workshop. 

Accessible to all those in the community (individuals, schools and companies) who want to learn, build, create, and become makers, Kre8Now Makerspace is a vital part of Lexington’s community that promotes new science, technology, innovation, and manufacturing.

Kre8Now is a Makerspace, where community members can gain access to workshop space. They host a variety of businesses and hobbyists, from fashion to cosplay prop construction to motorcycle maintenance. We are pleased to be a part of this creative culture community.