• Lexitron Kickstarter is Now Live

    The Lexitron, our much beloved box of untreated birch, has been around the country serving as an ambassador for Kentucky games. However, like an old family coffee table, it has accumulated scratches and dings from its life. We wanted to spend a little money sprucing up the box, and getting her into good working order.


    With this goal in mind, we’re starting up a Kickstarter to help fund the Lexitron. We’re trying to raise $1000 to help cover the cost of refinishing the exterior, as well as replacing components throughout that have broken down through wear (or because they were placeholders to begin with). We don’t just want the Lexitron to keep doing what we’ve currently got her set up to do, but also to travel around to more locations and act as our giant arcade-cabinet-business-card.

    We have some really awesome rewards, from a simple sticker to being included in a game made by a RunJumpDev developer or team. We would love your support on this project, as the Lexitron is near and dear to our hearts. Please help us get the Lexitron into the best working order.

    You can find information about the Lexitron Kickstarter here.

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