• Ludum Dare 28 Entries and Results

    After working together at the Super Soul studios, several participants presented games and submitted them to the Ludum Dare 48 game jam competition. These submissions are separated into two categories; jam and compo. Compo entries must be completed by a single person within a 48 hour time span, while jam entries can be completed using groups and have a slightly larger window of 72 hours. After the games are completed, there is a two week judging period in which participants vote on each others entries and then the games are ranked in terms of several different factors including audio and humor.

    The Ludum Dare 28 theme was “You Can Only Have One.”

    Richie Hoagland, Compo Entry “Smooth Operator”

    Showdown. Only way to survive? Knock someone’s head off! Problem is, you can only attack once. But so can they. Then block. Problem is, you can only block once. Then fake, but yeah, problem is you can only fake once.

    Smooth Operator is a frantically paced fight to the death where every failed move puts you at more of a disadvantage.

    #26 in Audio
    #29 in Fun
    #54 in Graphics
    #60 Overall
    #78 in Innovation
    #83 in Theme
    #117 in Humor
    #213 in Mood

    You can play the game on the Ludum Dare site or read the postmortem.

    Leonard Wedderburn, Shea Rembold, Julian Sterling and Henry, Jam Entry, “One Liner” 

    You are the owner of Siarckia Castle in the middle of the Ol’ Plains. A new enemy has appeared to destroy your home. Fear not, you have Line Power!

    Draw lines to block the enemies from reaching your fortress. Remember, you only get to draw 1 LINE AT A TIME.

    The secret weapon to your Line Power is it’s elemental properties. You are able to choose different elements for your lines.

    Enemies of the same element will stop and turn around.
    Enemies of a stronger element will go through your line.
    Enemies of a weaker element will be destroyed by your line.

    You must outlast the onslaught for 1 Minute.

    May you live through this new ordeal!

    You can play the game at the Ludum Dare site.

    Jason Mize and mildmojo, Jam Entry, “The Bombay Intervention “

    Travel back in time and avert disaster.

    Click to freeze 3 timers to the same number and country and complete one stage of the mission, changing history.

    Your mission has 4 stages.

    You have 2 minutes!

    Be cautious… you only get one time machine.

    #94 in Audio
    #181 in Innovation
    #265 in Humor
    #326 in Mood
    #374 Overall
    #408 in Fun
    #431 in Graphics
    #488 in Theme

    You can play the game at the Ludum Dare site, or read the postmortem.

    Matt Hudgins (OnlySlightly), Compo Entry, “Casting Call” 

    Oh no! You put on the worst rendition of Romeo and Juliet the town has ever seen and you have one last chance to blow them all away.
    Arrow keys and space for controls.

    #7 in Humor
    #169 in Mood
    #175 Overall
    #176 in Innovation
    #187 in Audio
    #291 in Fun
    #376 in Graphics
    #530 in Theme

    You can play the entry at the Ludum Dare site.

    Amanda Wallace, Compo Entry, “My Old Kentucky Home” 

    A long Twine game about scarcity and isolation in a future Eastern Kentucky. The game features original covers of traditional songs, and is probably played best the way it was written: in a dark room with a set of headphones.

    #27 in Mood
    #115 in Audio
    #326 Overall
    #534 in Fun
    #683 in Theme
    #694 in Innovation
    #975 in Graphics

    You can play the game at the Ludum Dare site or read the postmortem.

    The next large scale jam that RunJumpDev plans to participate in is the Global Game Jam in January. 

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