• Ludum Dare 29: Results

    This year for Ludum Dare’s 48 game jam, RunJumpDev had a decent turn out. Head quartered at the Super Soul office, teams gathered together to jam and create (as well as play a lot of Fifa). From these great minds came three pretty fantastic games.

    This year’s theme was “Beneath the Surface.” Don’t forget to try out the games, and if you can, give feedback. A key part of Ludum Dare is both the community and voting to see who places in the Ludum Dare.

    Sharks vs. Jets: Fingeance 

    Ludum Dare 29Team: Michael Delfino, Nathan Turner, Donny Lytle

    A game about the age old rivalry between sharks and jets, though with less finger snapping. You can play directly through github, or through the Ludum Dare page.


    Volleyball Moles

    Ludum Dare 29

    Team: Richie Hoagland

    A sports game for four, Volleyball Moles is a take on volleyball with variant game play for the teammates. One player tries to fend off an opponent and bounce the ball on their own teams point square while the other team member, below the playing field, jockeys for position moving their teams point square around. You can play the game at the Ludum Dare page.


    Drill! Baby! Drill!

    Ludum Dare 29

    Team: Leonard Wedderburn, Shea Rembold and John Meister

    A game about drilling and racing. You can play it at the Ludum Dare page or through Google Docs.

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