• Ludum Dare Entries from Kentucky

    This week we wanted to celebrate all of the games that were made by Kentucky developers, both from Lexington and from other parts of the state, during the most recent Ludum Dare. If you are participating in Ludum Dare, be sure to go to these developers and rate their games! Otherwise, go through to the provided links and check out the best Kentucky can offer in 48 hours.

    If you are a Kentucky developer and I have not included your game, be sure to let me know and I will add it to the list.

    Right now these lists are made up of the developers from RunJumpDev and Game Dev Lou, two Kentucky based groups who foster game creation in Kentucky. Be sure to check them out.

    Relative to Scale – Ben James

    You start as an amoeba. You evolve through 5 stages, each with their own game play mechanics. Everything is relative to scale. Everything is connected. All the worlds are connected but know nothing of each other. Take a trip through size and space. 

    You can play the game at the Ludum Dare site.

    Afterlife Dance Party – Lisa Brown

    Just an illicit dance party between forbidden friends. 

    Stanley Squeaks and the Emerald Burrito – Eric Lathrop, Alex Bezuska, Wai Ying Lam

    Stanley Squeaks is an adventuring hamster on a quest to obtain the Emerald Burrito. Help Stanley solve puzzles and avoid traps in an ancient temple.

    Playable at the Ludum Dare site.

    Rails – Mint 

    In which you literally just get on a subway. 

    Falling off the subway is unintentional.

    Sneaky Nessie – Loi LeMix, Barry Rowe

    You play as the lovable mythical creature, Nessie, trying to secretly make your way out of the lake, and through the environment. You’re risking exposure because you feel drawn to the other side of the town by an unknown force. Use your prehistoric agility, hiding skills, and special disguises to avoid being seen on your journey. 

    l30reboot – Travis Garrison, Anthony Quisenberry, Rex Soriano


    This is playable on this site.

    Rover Control – Daniel Sizemore


    An interesting mars rover game that implemented a delayed control scheme to simulate the delay of a real remote rover. The goal is to navigate the rover through the treacherous terrain without running into destructive obstacles.

    Souls – Jeff Dehut


    The spiritual world and the physical world are connected to each other in ways that no mortal being can comprehend. Souls is a card game that plays upon the concept of these CONNECTED WORLDS.

    This is playable at the Ludum Dare site. 


    A Horse With Two Names — Richie Hoagland

    A Horse with Two Names is a game about using the code and assets that create the game being utilized in a second way as the content to use to solve the riddles of the game. This game stems from my interest in the artifacts of game creation, a fancy terminology for code, assets and the other ingredients that are necessary for a game experience. What happens to these artifacts? And what are the aesthetic qualities of these artifacts? 

    I built the game in Unity, unfortunately as a result Unity is needed to play the game, as some clues are found in the source code but others require investigating the Scene of the game in the Unity Editor. Were I a more experienced programmer, and probably requiring more time as well, I would much prefer to use a far more lightweight engine or write a very simple engine for the game. As it is now, the game has a 4GB barrier to entry 🙁 Hopefully some devs who already use Unity will find the premise of AHWTN interesting enough to play, and I thank you and hope you can take something positive from the experience. 

    You can find a link to the game and to the video on the Ludum Dare page.

    Wizards, Portals & Stuff – Shea

    An RPG where you can go between two worlds using portals. My original idea involved a branching storyline in one world based on your actions in the other. I didn’t get to that but there differences between the two worlds. Try to collect 2400 currency in a play through. 

    You can play the game at the Ludum Dare page.


    Keep on Going – Leonard, Shylo & John

    Simple looping game. Using WASD and your mouse, you pick up the blocks and move them to the flames of the same color. You can restart by pressing the swirl. 

    Jump by pressing space and if you pick up the wrong cube, press “F” to delete it but remember, you only get one. 

    Stay in control by moving different ways.

    You can play the game on the Ludum Dare site.

    Into the Woods – Amanda Wallace

    A short Twine story about growing up, memory, and the collision of two worlds, and the relationship between mothers and daughters.

    You can play the game on the Ludum Dare site.

    Star Garden – Matt Hudgins

    **Note: Internet Connection is Required** 

    Star Garden is a game where you can create planets and explore the planets other users have made. As more and more people play the universe grows and grows. Every world you create stays in the universe for everyone else that plays to discover.

    You can play the game on Ludum Dare site.

    Nemisis – Matt Sams

    A physics-based game that takes the theme pretty literally. 

    Control the evil planet Nemesis as you seek to swing, crush and incinerate all the planets in an unsuspecting solar system! 

    You can find more about the game on the Ludum Dare site.

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