• Ludum Dare game jam this weekend! (4/26 – 4/28)

    Run Jump Dev will be hosting a gathering for game jammers who’d like to colocate for the weekend. This will be much less structured than the Global Game Jam; food will not be provided, but we may put together some ad-hoc group delivery orders.

    • When: 7PM 4/26 to 7PM 4/28 (Friday-Sunday) (Compo submission deadline: 9PM Sunday, Jam: 9PM Monday)
    • Where: Awesome Inc., 348 E Main St., Lexington, KY (we’ll be in the very back)
    • What to bring: A computer, your jammin’ hat, and food or cash for food.

    Ludum Dare is a long-running 48-hour game development competition. Like the Global Game Jam, it challenges competitors to put a game together from scratch in just 48 hours. Sign up for an account on their site and you’ll be able to post development status updates and post-mortems that will flow right across the front page. Plus, if you submit a finished game, you’ll be able to rate other jammers’ games across nine categories.

    There are two forms for the competition: the Compo and the Jam. These have different restrictions, outlined in the rules. The important Compo bits are that the you get 48 hours to work alone creating all game code and assets, and you must submit your source code. The Jam expands the window to 72 hours, lets you work alone or in teams, and doesn’t require submitting your source code.

    In the MEANTIME, head over to the Ludum Dare site and vote for themes! You can cast votes on all available rounds, and new rounds are opening each day this week up until we all vote for the final theme. Vote for the ones you like, vote against the ones you can’t stand, but most of all, VOTE.

    See you Friday!

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