• March Monthly Meeting Speaker – 2 Mello

    This month we’re incredibly pleased to present our monthly meeting speaker, video game musician and sound designer 2 Mello.

    2 Mello entered the game industry by unconventional means, and continues to lead an unconventional life as a full-time musician and sound designer. In this meeting, he will discuss the journey from his starting point of sending skittish emails to game engineers asking them to plug some sounds in, to being able to plan and implement his own game sound features like dynamic music and sounds synced with frames of animation. He will also discuss how being your own boss can affect your lifestyle and financial planning, the art of hustling for your own contracts and tips for building your public image.

    You can find out more about 2 Mello’s most recent game projects here http://readonlymemori.es and http://cerebrawl.in

    As always these events are free and open to the public, and are held at BCTC’s Newtown Pike Campus Room 105  at 7PM on March 30. If possible, we will be broadcasting the talk with 2 Mello over YouTube the day of the event (or recording it and re-broadcasting) for audiences that are unable to make it to the talk.

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