• May RunJumpDev Newsletter

    Welcome to the RunJumpDev Member NewsletterLast month was super amazing with Vector and our monthly meeting with guest Nina Freeman. We’re doubling down on the awesome. This month we’re pleased to announce the introduction of our newest program Hurdles, our monthly meeting speaker Chris Figueroa, our indie game of the month and a virtual reality party IRL.


    RunJumpDev Hurdles is an ongoing short-cycle work-and-tell program to spur your project forward. You start by entering your solo, team, or company project(s) into the program. You can be anywhere in your project’s lifecycle: beginning, middle, or end. Every week for four weeks, you’ll set a public goal (a hurdle), try to meet or exceed that goal, then present your game and weekly progress in a five-minute slot in our Tuesday hack night meetups, and write a short devlog post that we’ll feature on the RunJumpDev blog. We’ll do this with a few projects in each four-week cycle. It’s sort of a slow jam.

    For a full FAQ, check here.

    Sign up here: AWESOME SIGN UP LINK.

    This month’s Monthly Meeting Speaker is Chris Figueroa, who will be presenting on what to do if your game goes viral before you have a game. Chris is a developer at Unity during the day and working on the snowboarding game SNOW HORSE at night. He will be talking with us May 25, at 7PM at BCTC Newtown Campus, Room 105.

    RSVP here. 

    Vector Conference happened April 30! It was a pretty neat partnership with EKU Gaming Institute, as well as the Richmond office of the Kentucky Innovation Network, and TechBase 10. We had over 150 attendees, which was amazing for our first year and we hope that you were able to attendz

    If you did attend, and you have more pictures of the event, be sure to send to them to Amanda. We will be posting videos and powerpoints of the presentations in the coming weeks.

    If you’d like to see more about the event, you can check it out here on Facebook and a short video is up on YouTube.


    RunJumpDev now has a Meetup account, so there’s even more places where you can find out cool stuff about RunJumpDev. Are you on Meetup? Check it out here.

    Virtual Reality Party in Real Reality

    Here’s the word from Richie at Ralph VR who is hosting the event:

    Come try out all sorts of amazing virtual reality! Curious about what virtual reality is? Dying to try the HTC Vive? Come hang out, have fun, and try out all sorts of cool virtual reality headsets.

    The event is FREE and open to everyone 🙂

    We will have on hand the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and GearVR.

    You can find more information here.

    Local Upcoming Game Events

      • Halloween VR meetup: Every Sunday at 1PM The folks working on the Halloween VR project are meeting every Sunday at 1PM to work on HVREat Kre8Now. Come to collaborate or just to see VR dev in action.
      • Indie Game of the Month: Stardew Valley (May 15 at 1PM): Hosted at 21C hotels in downtown Lexington this month, let’s talk about indie game Stardew Valley. More info.
      • Rules and Play (June 24-August 26): An installation art show of interactive exhibitions held at the Living Arts and Science Center. More info.
      • LexPlay (October 28-29): Upcoming video game conference at the Lexington Convention Center. Tickets and information available here.

    Find us on Patreon

    Want to become a Pro member? You can find us on Patreon, where a $10 monthly donation will set you up with voting priviledges, discounts for shows and events, as well as free use of the RunJumpDev equipment. You can find more information on Patreon here.

    We’d also like to take this opportunity to highlight a few of our members on Patreon — cool people doing cool stuff. If you have a few bucks, help these folks out.

    2 Mello – If you had a chance to check out our March monthly meeting, or if he helped you out with an awesome soundtrack for Global Game Jam, then you know Mello. His patreon here.

    Mint – Our beloved Louisvillian Mint is going on the road, and could use your help to freelance around the country. Help her out here.

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