Lexitron: Game Guidelines

Content requirements

  • • The game must be stable. While games in development are fine they must be to the point where they can run unattended with few problems. Popups that require keyboard/mouse input are especially bad.
  • • Since the game may be on display in many different locations the content must be “Teen rated” or lower

Technical requirements

  • • Windows 7 (64 bit) compatible game
  • • 1920 x 1080 display; native resolution preferred, launcher hasn’t been tested with resolution changes
  • • Should not depend on network access
  • • The game should start in fullscreen
  • • The game should hide the mouse cursor
  • • Players will not have access to the keyboard/mouse
  • • Two controllers will always be connected
  • • Game needs to respond to XInput (Xbox 360 controller). The Lexitron has the following controls per player:
    • • Left D-Pad
    • • A, B, X, Y (colored and arranged like the 360 buttons, but unlabeled)
    • • Left and Right bumpers (unlabeled white and black buttons, respectively)
  • • Button layout:
    • X  Y  LB
      A  B  RB
  • • Gamepad-to-player assignment should be stable across restarts
  • • Game also needs to respond to the big green LEX button:
    • • Tapping the LEX button sends keyup/keydown events for the “[” key. This is the game launch signal for the launcher. It could be used to trigger your game’s pause menu.
    • • Holding the LEX button for more than 2 seconds sends a keydown for the “]” key. This is the game quit signal.
    • • On receiving the quit signal (“]” keydown), the game should exit gracefully within a couple of seconds.
    • • Responding to the launch signal (“[” keydown/keyup) is optional.
  • • The game may respond to the coin insertion signal (“=” keydown/keyup), but should not require it.
  • • After a minute or two of inactivity the game should exit automatically


  • • Reduce or eliminate menus
  • • If you need input to start the game, consider accepting any button, including the LEX button
  • • Blue (X) is at the top left of the button layout and makes a better primary button than green (A) if you can’t accept any button


  • • Game executable and game data
  • • Command line needed to start the game if nonstandard (e.g. Lexitron-specific arguments, fullscreen mode, etc.)
  • • Game title
  • • Game description
  • • Game logo/image (size TBD)
  • • Game developer name
  • • Game developer description
  • • Media info: web site, Facebook, Twitter, etc.