The Lexitron is RunJumpDev’s custom arcade cabinet running a selection of locally-made video games. You’ll find it at special events like PAX East or Louisville Arcade Expo, or in the Awesome, Inc. space when it’s not deployed in the community.

Writing a game for the Lexitron: Technical Guidelines



Color Scheme Designer – Designing with color palettes

Adobe Kuler – Color palette creation & search tool

Color Theory Guide

Colour Lovers – Creative community where people create and share colors, palettes and patterns

Art Tutorial by NIKLAS JANSSON

Open Game Art – Downloadable art assets for those unable to make their own


Sketchup – 3D asset and level design creation tool

MUSIC & Sound Effects

BFXR – Sound FX creation tool

LabChirp – Sound FX creation tool similar but different to BFXR

Mix Pad – Music Editing Software

Audacity – Free software for recording and editing sounds

Audio Tool – Web-based musical sequencer/workstation


Ren’Py – Visual novel engine

Twine – Tool for creating interactive stories


UART Unity AR Toolkit – Augmented reality tool for unity


Unity Resource Page – Multiple Unity presentations

HTML5 GamesĀ – HTML5 Presentation by John Meister

XNA GamesĀ – XNA Presentation by John Meister


Unity is a cross-platform game engine with a built-in IDE developed by Unity Technologies. It is used to develop video games for web plugins, desktop platforms, consoles and mobile devices, and is utilized by over one million developers. You can download the source code here.

Introduction to Unity

Programming in Unity

Unity Tutorials

Walker Boys Unity Tutorials
A number of great tutorials for the beginning Unity game developer. Over 50 hours of free videos starting with an introduction to the Unity Interface and scripting in Unity, to 4 different game projects. It’s recommended to start from the beginning and do each tutorial in order as they build on each other.
This site has a number of tutorials and articles about game development in general as well as developing with Unity and tutorials on Blender, the free to use 3d animation software. They also have a great Introduction to Unity set of videos. Many are free, and with a paid membership you can get access to even more pro tutorials.
Virtual Game Lab
Virtualgamelab has put together an extensive list of Unity resources from the basics to user and unity tutorials all the way down to unity extensions.

Unity Version Control

For details on how to set up your Unity project to work with version control systems see the Unity documentation: Using External Version Control Systems with Unity
For Git users, this is an example Git ignore file that will skip temporary files: Git Ignore File

Unity Meetups

Run Jump Dev has weekly unity meetups on Tuesday starting at 6. These meetings are usually informal where developers work on their games and can ask each other questions about issues they are having. Stop by, bring a laptop, and say hello! There are always people eager to help aspiring game developers.

Downloadable Game Examples

Angry Boxes Example Game Part 1
Angry Boxes Example Game Part 2