• Hurdles Round 3: Start!

    This week, our third set of Hurdlers showed off the results of their first set of goals! In case you missed them, here’s a brief bit on each project and how they did!

    Kevin Overall – Willow

    Willow is a Puzzle Platformer inspired by Celtic mythology based around changing the seasons to navigate the environment. Kevin and his team are working on porting their game from Unreal Engine 4 to Unity and are a good portion of the way through that transition!


    HVRE2016 –  Mortimer’s Mansion

    Halloween Virtual Reality Experience, HVRE, is in it’s second year of experimentation in VR. We started as a project by a hand full of members from RunJumpDev.org last year, where we created a Virtual Haunted Trail called Haunted Pixels in a month and a half! Lessons learned, we started much earlier this year and have a very manageable scope. It’s going really well so far. As a public project we’ve recruited some amazingly motivated talent to contribute to this year’s project, Mortimer’s Mansion, a survival horror puzzle game, which will be featured at LexPlay. Ticket sales for the event will go toward RunJumpDev.org to benefit game developers in Lexington Kentucky and the surrounding area. In the spirit of community, we are making our process of development as transparent as possible throughout the development process, including an open source VR game upon completion.

    This week, they showed off some of their progress on puzzle development!


    Jeff Wright – PizzaQuest

    PizzaQuest is a game about being exceptionally drunk and trying to acquire as much pizza as possible without leaving your couch by dialing random numbers on your phone. My goals this week were to write some dialogue for one of the characters and brainstorm on a new name for the game (since PizzaQuest is only a working title). I managed to successfully write one character’s dialogue and start building the game’s world (the player’s living room).

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