• Indie Game Night 8-4-14

    Monday nights, 6PM, at Awesome Inc., we meet up to expose ourselves to indie games. C’mon out and look at how small game designers are pushing the medium, or bring something we can play!

    Today’s game included Sanctuary, Gods Will Be Watching, 



    Sanctuary is a strange little game by Connor Sherlock, made for the indiE3 jam. As it is a jam game, it needs to be viewed in a slightly different light — there’s not a lot to go through here.

    The game is short but ethereal. The strengths lie in the creation of an eerie alien environment, which presses you to search forward even though there might not be anything there. The game is a jam game, and it suffers from the issues traditionally associated with those games — it is short, it is poorly optimized, and there is not a lot going on in the course of the game.

    Gods Will Be Watching

    Originally a Ludum Dare game, Gods Will Be Watching is a game about handling resources and people. That is ahcieved through point and click style mechanics, focusing on the concept of sacrifice and the horrors of human beings.

    It’s a fascinating take on both the mechanics of point and click adventure games, as well as the psychology of people. The original Ludum Dare build is still playable online, but there are several more intense segments in the version you pay for. The game is incredibly difficult, begging you to balance several different elements simultaneously — we did not have an easy time of it in our RJD play through.

    AaAaAA! A Drunken Disregard for Gravity

    AaAaAA!!! is a game about falling. The game salutes you for hugging close to buildings, near misses, basically anything that increases your chance of death.

    You can get this game on Steam, or on mobile devices.


    You can catch us next Monday, at 6PM at Awesome Inc. Bring your favorite indie game to show off! 

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