• Hurdles Round 4: Start!

    Hey, our fourth set of hurdles started! Let’s see what they’re up to!

    Leonard Wedderburn – Blackspot

    Blackspot is a VR exploration game that requires players to reveal a hidden world by shooting spheres at invisible objects to expose the path ahead. Once the way is clear, players are able to teleport to the visible platforms into the next area of the puzzle. For Leonard, this project also serves as a study of Google’s Daydream VR hardware.

    Bill Adams – Rubix Cube Trainer

    Rubix cubes are pure sorcery to the untrained eye. Bill is working hard to make a project that explains that sorcery in terms we can all understand. His project focuses on teaching the process of identifying patterns in a rubix cube, how those patterns are developed, and why they work.

    Nick Warner – Virtual Reality Experimentation

    Nick is working on a multiplayer (versus) mobile VR experience in which the player teleports around an arena to move closer to the “food” so that they can consume it before their rivals do. Consume more than your opponents to win!

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