• Ludum Dare 37 – Lexington Games

    Three times a year, developers from around the world get together (online) and make games in a 48 game jam called Ludum Dare. This December, RunJumpDev members got together at Kre8Now Makerspace in Lexington, KY (as well as some remote attendees) to make games.

    There are two categories for Ludum Dare titles: compo and jam. In the compo, participants must work alone and all assets in the game must be created by them. Jam allows for team building, as well as outside components and a little bit of extra time. Either way, Ludum Dare is a lot of work and we salute the participants.


    The following are the games from the developers who participated in Lexington. Be sure to play and give them a rate over the next two weeks while judging continues. If you made a game for the jam and it is not listed, be sure to contact us at info@runjumpdev.org so we can add your game to the list!

    Tidy Up – Justin Hall (Compo)

    screenshot of Justin Hall's game Tidy Up

    Cleanliness is next to godliness, and in Tidy Up you can ascend to the heavens by getting rid of all the junk in your room.

    Your powers of organization can be used to compact all of the items that may appear. Beware – they will come in many (possibly familiar) shapes and move in all directions!

    Play online.

    This Room Ain’t Big Enough for the Two of Us – Kevin Overall  (Compo)

    screenshot of two cowboys in Kevin Overalls game this room aint big enough for the two of us

    Fast paced competitive cowboy construction!

    You and a friend are cowboys, but the room you’re in just ain’t big enough for the two of you. Fix this problem by chucking floors and walls around and try to trap the other player in a different room. When both cowboys are in different rooms, the one with the larger room wins!

    Find the full game here.

    rot – Amanda Hudgins (Compo)

    bloodied hand and the word rot

    An interactive fiction piece about the transition from childhood to adulthood in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

    You can play the game here.

    ele – Leonard Wedderburn (Compo)

    screenshot of interior of elevator in ele

    You are stuck on a elevator so you might as well play a game to see how far you can go? By clicking on the arrows on each side of you by remembering them, you’re able to move up another level but if you get it wrong, you move down a level.

    Quick Post Mortem- This was great to do a LD again, haven’t in a while. The one room idea limited to just one space so I could fill that space with stuff fairly quickly. The couple issues I had was waiting till the last minute for audio and also getting my code working right.

    You can play ele at this link.

    Sygnal – Michael Delfino and Matt Hudgins (Jam)


    “You have made contact with a new form of intelligent life but communication is difficult. Use the tools at your disposal to learn about them. Are they hostile? What do they want/need?”

    This is a 2 player game about communication. You must work together to communicate the needs of the other.

    You can find more about this game here.

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