• Ludum Dare 34

    Ludum Dare

    RunJumpDev – Ludum Dare 34 is an event where participants come together over a weekend and build new games. Everyone is given a common theme or constraint and the fun is seeing the different, creative directions that people take the idea. In the beginning people pitch game ideas and teams are formed. The teams then build small games or prototypes and finally present them at the end of the weekend.

    The game jam is for 48 hours from Friday, December 11th at 7PM til December 14th at 9PM. We encourage participants to spend as much time working on their games, but it’s fine if you need to come and go. Come see the games, eat some food, and talk about how the games were made.

    This event is open to people of all skillsets and interest levels. Even if you’ve never made a game before, you can come out at make one with us for Ludum Dare. You can find more information on the Facebook page, which will be more readily updated.

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