• Indie Game Night 9-8-14

    Monday nights, 6PM, at Awesome Inc., we meet up to expose ourselves to indie games. C’mon out and look at how small game designers are pushing the medium, or bring something we can play!

    This week we played Mrrrr, Dominique Pamplemousse, Quing’s Quest, Tumblr. the game., and Dominions’n’Dominoes.


    Mrrrr. Awkward Situation Maker - screenshot

    Mrrr! Awkward Situation Simulator is a game made by Super Soul founder and member of RunJumpDev Richie Hoagland. It is free and you can download it here. 

    Dominique Pamplemousse

    Dominique Pamplemousse is a musical, point and click adventure with noir/mystery elements. The game is made by Deirdre Kiai and features a very unique aesthetic. The musical element is charming, but can grate through long playthroughs.

    The art is done in claymation and is pretty fantastic. It is playable on iPad or through Steam, with a demo accessible here. 

    Quing’s Quest

    Made for the Ruin Jam, Quing’s Quest is an interactive fiction Twine game made by Deirdre Kiai about a royal person of indeterminate sexual persuasion who is fighting against the misogynerds on the planet Videogames. The game is a tongue and cheek response to the Social Justice Warrior/GamerGate controversy that has recently struck gaming.

    It’s got an interesting use of sound and color and flavor that is all it’s own but plays on expectations. It is playable online here.

    Tumblr. the game.

    A trivia game about acclimatizing to the “human world” through answering questions about Tumblr tags. You can play the game here. The game is oddly endearing and you feel drawn to play longer than is probably strictly necessary.

    Trivia is peppered with conversations with other participants in the educational exercise.


    Out of the latest Ludum Dare, Dominions’n’Dominoes plays on several board game aspects, including elements of games like Puerto Rico or Race for the Galaxy. The game is pretty intense, and is about connecting worlds. It was made by compo rules in a jam time line.

    There’s a lot of things to keep track of, is potentially unbalanced, but what aspects exist work very well together. There’s a fair amount of variety. You can play the game at the Ludum Dare site. 

    Be sure to join us next week, Monday at 6PM at Awesome Inc for more great games!

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