• Global Game Jam 2016 Results

    After a record-breaking attendance for Global Game Jam this year, we’re pleased to announce the results of our GGJ16 rewards voting!

    Every year we have a wide variety of strange awards that your piece can win. Did you ignore the theme the hardest? Is your game most likely to create new swear words? Well our community voted, and these are the results.

    Best Use of Theme – Inferno, My Lord

    Most Likely to Make Their Kickstarter Goal – Midnight Munchies

    Best 80 Hour Experience РJousty 

    Most Controversial – Inferno, My Lord

    The One That Seems Most Like it is Held Together With String – Ebster and Dott

    Ignored the Theme the Hardest – Put Me in, Coach

    Most Likely to Spawn New Swear Words – Jousty

    Interested in making a game? We have regular game-making meetups every Tuesday at 6PM at Awesome Inc, as well as other events that are free and open to the community. While the next Global Game Jam isn’t until next year (we already have space reserved to host next year, so keep us in mind!) we will be hosting another game jam April 15-18 as a part of the real world jam sites for Ludum Dare.


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